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Business Development

Magnum is the leading business development firm in the ophthalmic industry. We specialize in negotiating licensing, acquisitions, financing, strategic alliances, joint ventures, distribution and manufacturing agreements.
The Company Focuses in Two Areas:
Acting on Behalf of a Seller, by providing services such as business development for early, evolving and late stage technologies which are often created by surgeons, scientists or by smaller, entrepreneurial inventors. These technologies usually incorporate medical devices, diagnostics, or therapeutics. Acting on Behalf of a Buyer, usually for larger, commercially-successful, public and private companies seeking to acquire new technologies and companies. Magnum also provides custom market research & analysis. Clients have included: Bausch+Lomb, Corning, McKinsey & Co, Medtronic, Merck, Johnson & Johnson, Nidek & VISX.
Magnum has worked with hundreds of companies and technologies at various stages of development. Magnum often assumes the role of (temporary) “Vice President, Business Development” and assists in putting together the Pitch Package. This usually includes development of a Strategic Plan, Executive Summary, Elevator Speech, PowerPoint Presentation, helping recruit professional personnel and affiliations (i.e., Scientific/Medical Advisory Boards, Regulatory, Legal, Key Employees, etc.), facilitating meetings, and managing due-diligence and negotiation of Confidentiality Agreements, Term Sheets and Definitive Agreements.
Professional Fees

Magnum is a Retained Business Development and Consulting Services firm. We work with Clients on the basis of a Monthly Retainer and Reimbursement of Out-of-Pocket Expenses during the assignment, followed by a Success Fee at the successful conclusion of a liquidity event. Monthly Retainers are customized for specific Client Projects. Success Fees are based on a fixed percentage of the total Transaction Value.


Our Process

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Assessment -
Technology & IP Validation
Initial Due Diligence

Magnum Transactions

Selected Client Assignments

Magnum provides business development services that include Merger & Acquisitions, Licensing, Strategic Alliances, Financing, Market Research & Analysis, Joint Ventures and Distribution. The following are brief descriptions of selected previous Client assignments.

  • Acquisition—Engaged by an European public Company to identify potential acquisitions; reviewed and provided extensive due-diligence for over 40 target entities. Negotiated acquisition of ophthalmic assets from Point of Care Diagnostics Company.
  • Licensing—Engaged by a public company to acquire presbyopic Intellectual Property from a troubled Company facing Bankruptcy with unreceptive management; utilized Board of Directors contact to facilitate negotiations and to complete transaction.
  • Financing—Engaged by an Intraocular Lens Company to identify a lead investor for their Series B financing, which was led by a large Strategic Partner. Also researched and completed a supply agreement with an off-shore IOL materials supplier and manufacturer, and identified and assisted in recruitment of CEO.
  • Strategic Alliance—Repackaged diagnostics company; identified, negotiated and completed transaction with Strategic Partner, which resulted in equity investment, product and market development and Distribution Agreement. Later sold Division to another Strategic Partner.
  • Market Research & Analysis—Engaged by Private Equity firm to provide market review and analysis for a surgical specialties company. Magnum utilized extensive industry contacts and market knowledge to provide “informed” recommendation to Client, which resulted in target Company acquisition.

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