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Current Clients

The Magnum Group, Inc. works with a variety of ophthalmic technologies and companies. Some are seeking licensing agreements or financing; others are searching for Strategic Partners or acquisitions. These include intraocular, contact and spectacle lenses, refractive surgery, vitreoretinal, capital and diagnostic equipment, and e-commerce. The following are brief summaries of Magnum's current Client technologies. In most cases, additional information is available on Client companies in the form of Executive Summaries, PowerPoint Presentations and Business Plans. (Former Clients and technologies are shown as Previous Clients). The information below on companies and their technologies is deemed to be reliable, but cannot be guaranteed.

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  box ELENZA, INC.Electronic Intraocular Lens for the Treatment of Presbyopia case
  box EYE-LENS PTE LTDAsian Ophthalmic Distributor case
  box KUBOTA GENETICS, INC.A Disruptive Gene Therapy Platform to Restore Functional Vision
in Retinal Degeneration
  box LEGRANDEPersonalized Rx/OTC Subscription Service case
  box LENTICULAR RESEARCH GROUP, LLCTreatment for Presbyopia case
  box SEECARE TECHNOLOGIES, LLCDigital Healthcare Technology Saving Vision and Improving Lives case
  box TRUEVISION SYSTEMS, INC.3D Augmented Reality Live Video Surgery case


    Eye Lens

ELENZA, INC.Electronic Intraocular Lens for the Treatment of Presbyopia

ELENZA, Inc. (ELENZA) is a pre-clinical stage Company developing the world’s first Auto-Focal Presbyopia-correcting Intraocular Lens (IOL) to compete in the multi-billion dollar IOL market for the correction of near, intermediate and distance vision. ELENZA’s electro-active IOL uses a proprietary combination of liquid-crystal chemistry, re-chargeable electrical power, and integrated-circuitry to create a smart optic, which will provide patients with the ability to see more clearly and naturally in all light conditions and over the entire range of vision, switching from far vision to near vision in milliseconds. The proprietary IOL is controlled by a micro-sized power-cell with an expected 50+ year rechargeable cycle life. The reprogrammable proprietary algorithm used for switching the lens from far to near vision has been tested in a clinical study to greater than 99% accuracy in the auto-focal mode of operation. The lens can also be manually controlled by the patient. Unlike mechanical and multi-focal IOL’s, the ELENZA-IOL has been designed to provide reproducible outcomes for all patients, regardless of age or intraocular physiology.

Auto Focal IOLELENZA has an extensive intellectual property portfolio consisting of 20 patent families (~70 individual issued and pending patents) plus numerous trade secrets relating to intraocular devices. Technology covered by patents includes optics, electronics, hermetic sealing, microchips, physiological trigger, RF communication and power management. In addition, ELENZA has assembled a “best-in-class” team of contract engineering and manufacturing providers (primarily in Europe) to design and manufacture the Company’s Sapphire™ Auto-Focal IOL.

In addition, the Company’s extensive patent portfolio was drafted to address the field of electronic devices within the eye. These include, glaucoma, drug delivery and other inside-the-eye conditions, some of which the Company has explored on a preliminary basis.

In 2013, following a funding and development collaboration with Alcon, a Novartis Division, a dispute arose between the parties and ELENZA was forced into an operational hibernation during which the Company suspended its development activities while continuing to prosecute its IP portfolio. The disengagement from Alcon was completed in 2017. At the time operations were suspended, ELENZA had effectively achieved design-freeze on its first-generation product and was six-nine months from first-in-man clinical studies in Europe.

ELENZA has engaged The Magnum Group, Inc. ( to assist the Company to identify a partner to acquire its assets or sponsor a re-start with an option to acquire the Company and/or complete a technology transfer to a new entity.

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    Eye Lens

EYE-LENS PTE LTDAsian Ophthalmic Distributor

Eye-Lens Pte Ltd (Eye Lens) is a distributor of ophthalmic products active in the Asian markets, particularly in Japan and Singapore. Since being established in 2003 by Mr. Jun Torihata, former President of Pharmacia Ophthalmics, Japan., Eye-Lens has assembled a team of multi-disciplinary professionals, working together to achieve one goal—helping our partners to grow their business. With a physical presence in both Japan and Singapore, Eye-Lens is utilizing a large team of highly specialized sales people, application specialists and service engineers, ensuring the best pre- and post-sale service to our customer’s support

Through its insights into the Japanese and Asia-Pacific markets, Eye-Lens has established strong networks in academic, research and healthcare institutions, government and private organizations, doctors and medical professionals, as well as partnerships with leading companies in the ophthalmic industry. Our close relations with the Shinagawa Group—the largest refractive center in the world is an asset that benefits many of our partners leveraging on their high patient volume for generating sales as well as valuable clinical data.

Eye-Lens has been successfully distributing and marketing ophthalmic products since its inception, becoming the largest international distributor for many ophthalmic companies, including IntraLase prior to their sale to AMO, and today the following companies are among our partners (in alphabetic order):

boxSchwind Eye-Tech Solutions

Eye-Lens is a multi-cultural company, bridging not only the language barriers but also the culture barriers (East and West), which is an essential element in developing a successful business in Asia. Our core values are: Professionalism, Vibrancy, Honesty and Integrity.

Eye Lens is seeking innovative products in the refractive and premium cataract domains from companies that are in interested in distribution opportunities in the Asian and Japanese markets, and are looking for cash flow sources and clinical/market data while focusing on developing the US market.

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KUBOTA GENETICS, INC.A Disruptive Gene Therapy Platform to Restore Functional Vision in Retinal Degeneration

Kubota Genetics, Inc. (KGI) is a spin-off of the Seattle based, bio-pharma company, Acucela Inc. (Acucela: tasked to focus on its gene therapy platform.

KGI's technology is dedicated to benefit the lives of those blinded by retinal diseases, regardless of the specific cause. The technology is based on a first of its kind humanized optogenetic approach. Pre-clinical proof of concept was established in an animal model for vision restoration.

The company chose to focus on Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) as a first indication. RP is an inherited retinal degenerative disease characterized by a progressive loss of photoreceptors which starts in childhood and results in blindness by the age of 40. Despite extensive efforts in the field, to date there is no treatment available. KGI is developing a technology that aims to restore vision, regardless of the underlying genetic mutation causing the disease.

RP is a rare retinal degenerative disease (100,000 patients are affected in the US), that warrants an orphan disease designation. This status would dictate both an expedited regulatory path, shortened development timelines and the potential for high reimbursement. In the absence of any approved products, the global market is estimated to be more than $600 Million annually.

KGI is led by Lukas Scheibler, PhD. a seasoned R&D executive that has orchestrated numerous drug approvals. Under his leadership, the company partnered with cutting-edge technology design partners to tackle existing challenges in gene therapy. A low immunogenicity profile, unique target and “quick win” timelines in future clinical trials are just a few of KGI’s key differentiators.

The team has constructed a detailed development plan that is based on proven engineering methods & clear regulatory precedent to bring the first human rhodopsin-based optogenetic technology into the clinic. Their commercial strategy is supported by a portfolio of licensed and partnered intellectual property. Combined with regulatory orphan and biologic market exclusivity, KGI will have over 20 years of protection.

KGI is currently seeking to raise up to $20Million in a Series A financing from Angel, Venture, Strategic and other investment Partners.

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LEGRANDEPersonalized Rx/OTC Subscription Service

LEGRANDE Corporation (LEGRANDE, is an Orange County, CA-based technology company that seamlessly enables your doctor (MD or OD) to provide personalized Rx and OTC eye care treatments directly to the patient's home including prescription (branded, generic, and compound), over-the-counter and other products along with education, custom instructions, email/SMS reminders and ongoing communication. The system saves the practice and patients time and money while providing a great experience.

Initially focusing on dry eye, LASIK and cataract surgery, the eye-care packages are drop shipped to the patient’s home (no going to multiple pharmacies) and are personalized in a subscription model. Key elements that differentiate this business include: highly scalable; priced competitively; capitalizes on the trend towards home delivery; personalized; subscription-based; and major Strategics are already in discussions with LEGRANDE to expand their current distribution.

LEGRANDE was founded in 2016 by Tony Sine, an ophthalmic veteran (Allergan, B+L and Strathspey Crown), and other strong industry team members. LEGRANDE's first eye care package shipped in early 2017.

The Company is seeking distribution and financial partners.

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    Lenticular Research Group


Lenticular Research Group, LLC ("LRG") is a Chicago-based Company that is developing a proprietary laser technology for treating the primary cause of presbyopia. LRG has engaged in extensive pre-clinical research relative to the physiology of the human crystalline lens. The Company’s treatment involves targeted in-office laser application to the Germinative zone of the crystalline lens, which selectively inhibits epithelial cell reproduction (alters the growth rate of the lens), arresting the progression of presbyopia as the symptoms first emerge. The treatment concept was developed by George McArdle, OD, and advanced through collaborative work with Jerome Kuszak, Ph. D. and Rebecca Zoloski, Ph. D., world-renowned experts on the Crystalline lens.

LRG has completed initial animal studies, and in April 2015 entered into a Joint Venture Agreement with a large and well-respected ophthalmic company to combine their respective technologies to build a multiphoton laser real time imaging and treatment System to perform advanced animal and early first in human studies over the next ~six months. The Company currently has five granted and five pending patents. LRG has also established an exceptional Medical Advisory Board, including Doctors Dan Durrie, Richard Lindstrom, Louis Probst, Steve Schallhorn, Roger Steinert, Vance Thompson and Bill Trattler.

The Company is seeking to raise $250,000 for ongoing support of the Joint Venture and to provide an adequate reserve fund.

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SEECARE TECHNOLOGIES, LLCDigital Healthcare Technology Saving Vision and Improving Lives

SeeCare Technologies, LLC (SeeCare: is a Salt Lake, Utah based Digital Healthcare Technology company that is developing unique technologies for both the Primary Care and Remote Health Monitoring Markets (e.g., Health Kiosks in CVS). Using proprietary Intellectual Property (IP), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and a team of industry experts, SeeCare is creating healthcare technologies that will literally save the vision of tens of thousands of people globally, and will help move the healthcare ecosystem from being reactive to proactive.

SeeCare is developing the retinal imaging technology for the Vision Care industry with two primary markets:

  • Retinal Health—SeeCare is currently developing a next generation, retinal imaging device for NASA and is using this core technology to develop a low cost, easy to use System specifically for the Primary Care Physician (PCP) practice. This unique closed-loop system will enable PCP’s to diagnose Diabetic Retinopathy (DR) in their many diabetic patients, and then confidently refer them to eye care specialists and bill for identifying vision related problems.

    DR is projected to be the leading cause of blindness globally over the next 20 years. It is growing at a rate of over 40% in the US, and 100% outside of the US. By 2020, there will be 450 million diagnosed diabetics worldwide. And, according to leading retinal specialists, Diabetic Retinopathy is completely preventable when detected and treated. There are 250,000 PCP’s in the US; SeeCare’s point of care System is reimbursable; and it creates a business model that generates $100+ million in company revenues in year five.

  • Remote Health Monitoring—SeeCare is also developing technology for the Remote Healthcare Monitoring market. Using their proprietary IP, AI and biomedical healthcare digital data, SeeCare is creating a personal health monitoring system that will provide users comprehensive personal health assessments without having to see a physician. SeeCare will partner with companies like CVS and Walmart to place Health Kiosks in their locations (to support their focus on healthcare) and become the “portal” for a person’s overall health care management. In the future, SeeCare will also use its core technology to develop Home Health Care Monitoring systems for the Senior market (allowing seniors to stay home longer instead of going into assisted living). Overall, this segment of the business will conservatively generate $75+ million in annual revenues.

SeeCare anticipates additional revenue opportunities from the substantial amount of data they will generate from the Retinal Health and Remote Health Monitoring models and developing a retinal imaging reading center.

SeeCare was formed in early 2017 by the Invention Science Fund (ISF) of Seattle based Intellectual Ventures Management, LLC ( ISF is a privately funded company that invents new technologies, incubates them and then spins them off into stand-alone businesses. SeeCare has been seed-financed by ISF; has benefited from NASA grant funding; and is led by Robert Main—an entrepreneur and vision care veteran of over 30 years.

SeeCare is seeking to raise a Series A ($6-8 million) from strategic and financial partners to complete development and commercialization of this technology.

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TRUEVISION SYSTEMS, INC.3D Augmented Reality Live Video Surgery

TrueVision’s Digital Microscope Platform™ replaces an analog optical microscope with integrated 3D visualization, augmented reality and live video technology and is transforming surgical outcomes across specialties. The platform also provides enhanced ergonomics along with a growing number of applications (apps) based on treatment, specialty, and/or surgeon. The Digital Microscope Platform provides best-in-class visualization across multiple modalities including 3D depth of field, extensive magnification ranges, varied surgeon-controlled cameras and angles (including microscope, endoscope or other probe based cameras), varied light, color and fluorescence options and OCT/other medical imaging options. Its augmented reality technology incorporates diagnostic information, 3D reconstructed imagery (e.g., CT/MRI imagery) and surgical guidance in the live surgery video feed.

The Digital Microscope Platform apps include TrueGuide™ providing surgical guidance, TrueFusion™ providing augmented reality technology, and TrueCloud™ providing cloud-based practice-wide data transfer from multiple diagnostics for use on the platform along with future apps to enhance surgical outcomes. TrueVision’s platform reverses the limitations of traditional analog optical microscopes by allowing seamless aggregation of patient data from the multiple diagnostics and digital microscopes throughout the clinic into one repository for use when and where needed. TrueVision’s platform holds the promise to replace all of the microscopes throughout the clinic into one cohesive system lowering practice equipment costs while increasing TrueVision’s overall revenue with one-time capital sales and ongoing software-based app sales (one time or subscription).

TrueVision’s 2017 focus includes surgeries in ophthalmology (i.e., cataract, refractive, glaucoma and retina), neurosurgery and orthopedics with an initial focus on spine. Its growth strategy leverages strategic partners to drive unit placements while internally developing apps to increase per unit revenue. Today, TrueVision’s OEM partners include Alcon, Leica and Aesculap, leaders in their respective areas. The Company plans to enter dentistry, cardiology, general surgery and other specialties in the future.

With approximately 60 employees, the TrueVision reached profitability in 2016 and continues to grow rapidly. Led by a strong management team who has worked together for the last ten years, TrueVision has amassed a broad intellectual property portfolio with 20+ issued and pending patents, numerous trademarks and trade secrets, and a strong pipeline of new products and software solutions. You can find additional information about the Company at

The Company remains interested in exploring Strategic Partnerships in all areas of medicine.

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Previous Clients

The following companies are Clients previously served by The Magnum Group. Magnum may or may not have an ongoing retained relationship with one or more of these entities.
  • Cobalt (Ora)
  • Encore Medical (formerly NewLens)
  • XIUM, LLC.

Cataract and Intraocular Lenses
  • Acuity/Medical
  • Anteis
  • APX Ophthalmology Ltd.
  • C & C Vision (Bausch & Lomb/eyeonics)
  • Collagenesis Corporation
  • ELENZA, Inc.
  • Hanita Lenses
  • Medennium, Inc.
  • NuLens, Ltd.
  • PowerVision, Inc.
  • Prism Ophthalmics, Inc.
  • Quest Vision Technologies, Inc. (AMO)
  • Vision Solutions Technologies, Inc.
  • Vista Ocular LLC
  • Xcelens

Contact Lenses
  • Coast Vision (CooperVision)
  • Euclid Systems, Inc.
  • PolyVue Technologies, Inc.
  • Sunsoft Corporation (CooperVision)
  • Visioneering Technologies, Inc.
  • Wesley Jessen (CIBA Vision)

Corneal Inlays
  • Boston Innovative Optics (AcuFocus)
  • MINU, LLC. (AcuFocus/AOS)

  • Annidis Corporation
  • e-Vision, LLC
  • Humphrey Systems, Inc. (Zeiss-Meditec)
  • Intelon Optics, Inc.
  • Konan Medical USA, Inc.
  • Laser Diagnostic Technologies
  • Massie Research (Clarity Medical Systems)
  • Nidek, Inc.
  • Notal Vision, Inc.
  • Norwood Device & Diagnostics
  • Optical Imaging, LTD
  • R. H. Burton Company
  • Rodenstock
  • Talia Technology Ltd.
  • Tracey Technologies, Inc.
  • Visual Pathways, Inc.
  • Wavefront Systems
  • WaveTec Vision Systems

  • Access Media Group, LLC (Jobson Publishing)
  • EyeXam LLC
  • Glasses Direct
  • Global Eye Ventures, LLC
  • MyEyeStore
  • NeuroVision, Inc.
  • NovaVision
  • RevitalVision, Inc.
  • RXVP, Inc.
  • Suppleye, Inc.
  • VisualPlex, Inc.

Financial & Consulting Services
  • Fortress Investment Group
  • McKenzie & Co.
  • Oxford Finance Corporation (NovaVision)
  • RoundTable Health Care Partners
  • Signet Healthcare Partners
  • Venrock

  • Cascade Ophthalmics, Inc.
  • CellPlant/Wound Healing of Oklahoma (Medtronic)
  • Implandata Ophthalmic Products GmbH
  • IntraLens, Inc./Anamed (ReVision Optics, Inc.)
  • Vidus Ocular, Inc
  • The Egg Factory, LLC
  • The Innovation Factory, Inc.

  • Biolase Technology, Inc.
  • IntraLase Corporation (AMO)
  • Laser Locators
  • LaserSight
  • Premier Laser Systems, Inc.
  • Pro Laser Medical Systems, Inc.
  • SurgiLight, Inc.
  • Technolaus Perfect Vision, GmbH
  • VISX Incorporated (AMO)

  • OmegaEye
  • Science Based Health

Pharmaceuticals & Ancillary Products
  • Accudrop
  • Aviana Molecular Technologies, LLC
  • CXL Ophthalmics, LLC
  • Klarity™
  • Mystic Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  • NicOx S.A.
  • Optimyst Eye Care Systems, LLC
  • Rapid Pathogen Systems, Inc. (RPS)

Refractive Technologies
  • Corneal Contouring Development, LLC
  • JetLasik, Inc.
  • Norwood Abbey Eye Care
  • Oculatek
  • Refractec, Incorporated
  • Sitanium Surgical, Inc.
  • Surgical Instrument Systems, Ltd. (Ziemer Ophthalmic Systems AG)
  • Visijet, Inc. (Advanced Refractive Tech., Inc.)
  • Vision Dynamics, Inc.

  • Inoveon Corporation
  • I-Lyte, Inc.
  • OccuLogix/ Visual Sciences, Inc.
  • Retinal Implant AG
  • ScyFIX, LLC
  • Xcelerator Labs

Spectacle Lens, Supplies, Equipment & Sunglasses
  • BlueBlocker Corporation
  • CarbonFlex
  • Corning Glass
  • DAC Vision, Incorporated
  • Dynamic Eye, Inc.
  • High Performance Optics, Inc.
  • Hunter Delatour, Inc. (Optisource Intl.)
  • Huvitz Co. Ltd.
  • InnoTech, Inc.
  • NCRx Optical Solutions Inc.
  • Peak Vision
  • PixelOptics, Inc.
  • Santinelli International, Inc.
  • Shield Lenscare Products, Inc. (Hilco Wilson)
  • TENKA/Rayovac
  • The Spectacle Lens Group of Johnson & Johnson
  • WECO Optik GHbH (Briot)

  • Atrion Corporation
  • Digitalvision Systems, LLC
  • HPM Company
  • Integrity Digital Solutions
  • Laboratorios Del Dr. Esteve, S.A.U.
  • MediTech
  • Medtronic
  • Merck
  • Norwood Vision
  • Ocular Surgery News
  • Opto Global Holdings Pty Ltd.
  • Vision Council of America

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